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Baby cognitive development

Cognitive development - A necessity in first five years of the birth

by Dr. Harsh Mishra

NOV 23, 2020

Babies grow and develop rapidly in the first five years in the four main areas of development. These fields, cognitive and social/emotional, are motor (physical), linguistic and communication. Cognitive growth implies how kids think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem-solving and arrangements that enable children to learn about the world around them and understand it. Brain development is part of cognitive development.

Early childhood is a time of feigning, combining reality and imagination, trying to think in words of the universe. As young children move away from the need to touch, feel and hear about the environment and learn basic concepts about how the world works, they retain some initial ideas that are very interesting. How many of you, for instance, worry you're going to go down the bathtub? None of you, luckily. But a child of three should really think about it while they're sitting in front of the bathtub. A child will complain if he says something's going to happen tomorrow, but he's able to embrace the excuse that after we sleep, an occurrence is going to happen today. A young child may ask a question: How long are we going to stay? From this place to there? On the table when pointing to two dots. During this young age, concepts such as tomorrow, time, size and distance are not easy to comprehend. All tasks that are part of cognitive development include the comprehension of size, time, distance, fact and fiction.

Piaget believed that in our view of the universe, we are now continually seeking to preserve equilibrium. Young children are increasingly experiencing new experiences, objects and sentences with rapid improvements in motor skills and language development. In the module covering essential developmental theories, you have learned that a child can either assimilate it into an existing paradigm when faced with something new by balancing it with something they already know or expanding their knowledge structure to accommodate a new situation. During the preoperative process, many of the existing children's schemes will be questioned, expanded, and rearranged. Their entire world view may be changing.

As a parent, it is important to facilitate your child's cognitive development as soon as he/she is born, since this provides the basis for the success of your child in school and later in life. Evidence shows, for example, that children who can discern sounds at six months of age are more likely to learn to read at four and five years of age.

It is important that you frequently engage in quality experiences on a daily basis to promote your infant's cognitive growth.

Talking to your child and naming commonly used objects are examples.

  1. Let your child discover the toys and run around.

  2. Singing and reading to your kids.

  3. Exposing your baby to books and puzzles.

  4. Expand the child's participation in unique learning experiences. For example, your baby may have an early interest in dinosaurs, so you can take him/her on a trip to the Museum of Natural History to learn more about the time these creatures moved across the world.

  5. Answering the Why" concerns of your child.

Another way you can encourage the cognitive development of your child is to give him/her choices to get him/her to make thoughtful decisions. Your child should also be encouraged to explore different ways to solve issues. Though you may want to give your child some gentle guidance and motivation, give him or her time to try things like a new puzzle. This will take some patience on your part, but it will help you to learn eventually.

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